‘Barely Woven’ (prev. called Branching Out)

creativity, Eco Art

It actually now looks similar to a previous stage but one can see how the makeshift loom is holding it together:

I worked on the above piece today, (Sunday May 6th) and added a mound of Alpaca Fiber to the base of it. I got rid of the X shape in the middle by attaching the loom and barely woven section and letting that helping it stand. But it still needs to lean on something. New title is ‘Barely Woven’ 

And I have an idea where I can install these close by. Then I can check on them periodically thru the seasons.

‘Branching Out’ is more of a vertical piece now and I feel it’s energy is moving ina  more upward fashion. It looks completely different in some ways now that it is upright. The Mohair from Angora goat roving is also added to this piece and again I like the contrast and how it cradles a few of the Alpaca ‘poms’ for lack of a better word for these nest like clumps of brittle Alpaca fiber.

I am grateful this piece also has a temporary home at The GEM Center for the Arts, yet I am looking forward to finding a place in nature for it. Maybe leaning against a fence along some road. I have a few ideas I just need to decide what would work best.